Young Bollywood beauty Janhvi Kapoor has the knack of setting the screens on fire with her red-hot glamour exhibitions. She doesn’t think twice before flaunting her shapely physique on social media.

Now, Janhvi has provided a glamour feast to her fans and followers in a black outfit that looks funky.

There isn’t too much skin show in this snap but Janhvi catches the attention with her fashionista vibes and stylish appearance. The sparkling outfit adds to the zest and the glamour.

Janvhi has been intending to sign a Telugu project if the right offer comes her way. She is ready to sign a project if a Telugu filmmaker approaches her with a winning script. It is heard that Dil Raju is planning to bring Janhvi for one of his upcoming production ventures. But there is no affirmative update on the same till now.


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