Like a hammer blow to the entertainment industry, the Andhra Pradesh government brought a new Government Order which gives the government supremacy on the ticket prices. With this, the tickets should be sold as per the prices fixed by the government and nothing more than that. Tollywood is in the middle of the news with the ticketing issue.

Requesting the Andhra Pradesh government to rethink the ticketing issue, the bigwigs in Telugu Cinema are coming out and making their requests. After Mega Star Chiranjeevi, a veteran producer spoke about the issue and expressed his concerns about the matter.

Ace producer, Suresh Productions owner Daggubati Suresh Babu opined that the producers will face issues with the ticket prices as the prices are not matching the expenses they make to produce films. Audiences are hardly coming to the theatres. Reducing the ticket price will increase the producer’s problems. With less rates, it’s very hard to get even the current charges in B and C centers, he said.

Listing out the issues faced by the producers, Suresh Babu said that people can get entertainment from other ways and asked the government to give another thought on the issue and consider the requests made by the industry in the matter.

The government had made it clear that they are not against anyone but the decision to reduce the prices was taken to see that burden on the people on the ticket prices. Having said that, the Andhra Pradesh government announced that only four shows will be permitted and no more shows will be allowed including the fans’ shows and benefit shows.

The Tollywood industry is in big trouble with the government’s decision. Much-awaited films and high-ticket films lined up for the releases will go through a tough period due to the decision.

The big films like Akhanda, RRR, Radhe Shyam, Pushpa, and others are the first films from Tollywood which will face the after-effects of the ticketing issue. The collections of the films will be reduced.

Earlier, Chiranjeevi had tweeted requesting the Andhra Pradesh government to consider their requests. While appreciating the thought of bringing an online ticketing system, Chiranjeevi mentioned that increasing the tickets will help the people dependent on the industry survive.


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